We’ve started at the drawing boards with clients from top technology companies to brand new startups. The number one reason software and businesses fail is due to lack of planning. We’ve established a proven roadmap process to prepare for successful execution. Our clients tell us time and time again that Roadmapping helped put them in a position to transform their business.


"We were very impressed with how well the Broadway Lab team grasped the concept and translated it to the designs."

-Scott Schulte, Head of Engineering at Aptitude Media

"The Broadway Lab Roadmapping package was instrumental in taking us from an idea to a tangible product. The brainstorming and customer research was essential for us early on building the prototype and especially later on during development."

-Charlie Russell, Fantasy Life Cofounder


Our Proven 4 Step Process
to Roadmapping



In this 1-2+ hour session, we’ll identify the target customer, explore their underserved needs and determine the value proposition to solve their problem.

Customer Interviews

Test Assumptions in
Customer Interviews

We interview 3-5 users in the target market to understand their behaviors. We’ve found it’s crucial to not only ask questions, but also to dig deep into the responses. That means asking ‘why’ 3-5 times to really understand the target market.

Develop a Clickable Prototype

Develop a Clickable Prototype

We put your ideas to the test by using tools such as Invision and InstaVR.

Present Development Options & Timelines

Present Development Options & Timelines

We present options for working together as well as estimated timelines for key deliverables. While we would love to work more with you, there is no obligation to pursue full development with us after roadmapping. You own all the assets we create during this process.

Who we’ve
helped roadmap

- SCANPRO: Started generating revenue in 90 days.

- Fantasy Life Raised funding in 6 months.



Roadmapping Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with roadmapping?

You get to work with our expert Product and Design team to validate your idea. Our team will take you through our process of understanding the problem, brainstorming, testing key assumptions, actually talking with your ideal customer, and developing screens for the end-product.

How many customer interviews do you do?

We interview three customers with the roadmapping package. Additional interviews are available for purchase.

How do you come up with the interview questions?

Once we understand the problem and brainstorm potential solutions, we create a list of specific interview questions for each project. We think of interviews as a funnel. We like to start broad in order to understand the customer, and then we’ll steer them towards solution-specific questions.

What is the main purpose of roadmapping?

The purpose of roadmapping is twofold:

  1. We want to validate your idea. It’s important to make sure we’re building the right thing. 48% of software projects fail because of lack of planning. Roadmapping is our solution to this.
  2. We also want to build your trust in working with Broadway Lab. By starting with a small project, we’re able to create trust with us as a company and partner to ensure we’re able to serve you as a client.

How long does roadmapping take to complete?

Our target is to complete roadmapping within 30 days. The biggest variable we’ve seen here is client availability. Some of our clients can get busy at times and can be harder to get into a meeting. Also, the availability of the target customer can affect how long it takes us to complete customer interviews. We love working with busy people who get things done, but it can affect our delivery.

What’s included in the technical proposal?

Our engineering team will break down exactly what’s required to build your product. This includes:

  • Detailed Labor Estimate
  • Technology Recommendations
  • Additional Design Requirements
  • Detailed project Timeline

Am I forced to work with Broadway Lab after roadmapping?

Nope! After roadmapping, you can choose to walk away with all the information we have gathered as well as all the assets we’ve created for you. Since we’ve done the legwork, you’ll get lower estimates at competitors. Obviously, we want you to work with us, but it is not a requirement upon completing roadmapping.

Is this only for mobile apps?

Nope! We do roadmapping for all software projects.

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