Gone are the days of expensive servers and huge barriers to entry due to costs. Broadway Lab Cloud Hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides high quality service for low operating costs based on your needs. This provides you with the infrastructure and flexibility to scale when you’re ready.


Hosting Service Level
Agreement (SLA)

LEVEL 1: Critical (4 hours)

Use proven agile processes to develop the most important features.

LEVEL 2: Alarmed (8 hours)

Severity Level 2: Significant business impact:The application is usable but limited.

LEVEL 3: Impact (12 hours)

Severity Level 3: Some business impact: The application is usable with less significant features (not critical to operations) unavailable.

LEVEL 4: Minor (3-5 days)

Severity Level 4: Minimal business impact: The problem causes little impact on operations, or with reasonable circumvention to the problem has been implemented.

LEVEL 5: Trivial (best effort)

Severity Level 5: No business impact: The problem causes no impact on operations, or a reasonable circumvention to the problem has been implemented.

Severity Level Response SLA Resolution SLA
Severity 1 15 Minutes 4 Hours
Severity 2 30 Minutes 8 Hours
Severity 3 4 Hours 12 Hours
Severity 4 24 Hours 3-5 Days
Severity 4 48 Hours Best Effort


Amazon S3 is a cloud computing web service offered by Amazon Web Services. Amazon S3 provides object storage through web services interfaces.


Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) is a web service that simplifies the setup, operation and scaling of relational databases. Patches, backups, and recovery are automatically managed by RDS.

RDS Storage

RDS Storage is the is the size of the database we can create.


Amazon EC2 is a platform for scalable cloud computing. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates your need to invest in hardware upfront and provides greater flexibility for development.


Amazon CloudFront is a CDN that provides the fastest loading of static resources.


Bandwidth refers to the rate of data transfer across a given path. Amazon Web Services charges for bandwidth used on their platform.

Not sure what your specific
hosting needs might require?