We develop iOS, Android, and web apps. We believe agile software development practices are the best way to get our clients results and build the highest quality software.

Our Process

Build – Identify what’s important to your company or customers.

Measure – Determine KPIs. How can we measure success? What are the ideal outcomes?

Learn – Identify what worked well and what didn’t. Make adjustments and keep improving.

How We Collaborate

Daily Standups – We meet as a team to discuss what we did, what we’re doing and any blockers.

Sprint Planning – Address high priority items and schedule work for next two weeks.

Backlog Grooming – Assess product pipeline and determine if items are ready for development.

Sprint Review – Show and tell for what we did in the sprint.

Sprint Retrospective – Identify what went well and what didn’t during the sprint. This is the feedback loop for our team.

Full-Service Development