A comprehensive analysis of the codebase running your software. Using both AI and human testing, we provide you with an extensive Broadway Lab Rating and full report with specific actions items to improve the engine that runs your business.

This allows companies to not only prevent software failures, but also revamp the business and optimize user experience at scale.

Outline of the Code Examination
Artificial Intelligence – Security, Load Testing, Static Code Analysis
Human Testing & Reports – Opinionated Review with action items and improvements

Code Examination

Static Code Analysis

  • - Warnings and errors outside code standard
  • - Developers comments (BUG, NOTE, OPTIMIZE, etc.) found in incomplete or poorly written code
  • - Technical debt score
  • - Code coverage percentage vs goals

Load Testing

  • - Exposing breakage points and system bottlesnecks

Penetration Testing

  • - Simulated cyber attack designed to test security metrics

Dynamic Code Analysis

  • - Functionality against required business goals
  • - Files in application that could benefit from refactor
  • - Opinionated review of the architecture
    • Overall Opinion

      • - Our formal rating and recommentation for use in a public production environment

The Broadway Lab Code Examination opened the door to rebuild our complex technology platform, specifically our Mobile apps under a tight turn-around timeframe and immense pressure to stay within budget. Their team was highly skilled and performed well under pressure and completed the project on-time! If you hire Broadway Lab you’re getting integrity along with your code!

-Jennifer Musselman, Co-CEO of beGlammed.


How does the Code Examination Work?

We have an established process putting your web or mobile app through our Code Examination. Part of this process is automated, but the rest of the process is a manual deep dive into your codebase and digging into common issues we’ve seen with other projects. We now know what to look for and how to make impactful improvements.

What Happens After the Code Examination?

We believe in full transparency when partnering with our clients. After the Code Exam, we give you everything we discovered, including specific advice and recommendations on how to proceed. We can then provide a quote for how much it would cost for us to address the issues or we will give you a recommendation to another company.

How do I know where to start?

We approach the Code Exams the same way we approach our own internal systems and business decisions. We leverage a 80/20 analysis when applicable to really move the needle. We ask, what are 20% of the inputs we can control or fix to address 80% of the output. We constantly seek high leverage adjustments for ourselves and our clients.

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