How to Disable Amplify Sign Up in Vue.js

How to Disable Amplify Sign Up in Vue.js

by admin April 14, 2020

Amplify is a powerful framework from AWS, and it’s what we highly recommend using in your ideal AWS stack. Combined with Vue.js, you can build applications quickly and effectively. If you’re launching a new product, or a product internally, you’ll likely want to disable amplify sign up in Vue.js. Sometimes, you just don’t want public sign ups.

Fortunately, that’s fairly easy to accomplish with Amplify. You simply need to set the isSignUpDisplayed value to ‘false’ on the authConfig.

Here’s a full sample of the code on Github.

There you have it! If you’re looking to disable Amplify sign up in Vue.js, it’s quite simple. There’s plenty other configuration changes you can make to Amplify to create a unique authentication experience. Learn more about the power of Amplify on Vue.js in the official documentation.

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