Common DynamoDB KeyConditionExpression Errors

by admin April 12, 2020 aws, dynamodb

DynamoDB is a powerful NoSQL database powered by AWS. We highly recommend using DynamoDB as part of our ideal stack

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Creating a Cognito Custom Authorizer Lambda Function

by admin March 22, 2020 aws, serverless

In this post, we’ll focus on creating a Cognito custom authorizer lambda function. Using the SAM framework to build microservices

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AWS vs Azure For Startups

by admin March 04, 2020 aws, serverless

AWS is one of the most effective platforms for building out new software applications. Many founders are considering the tradeoff

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how to get free aws credits

How To Get Free AWS Credits in 2020

by admin February 24, 2020 aws

When Broadway Lab builds new applications, we usually recommend building on AWS. One thing that may clients of ours are

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API Gateway CORS Configuration with CloudFormation

by admin February 21, 2020 aws, serverless

One of the benefits of API Gateway, and why we recommend it in our ideal stack, is how easy it

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How to Query DynamoDB Using Lambda

by admin February 10, 2020 aws, dynamodb

One of the first things you need to learn when building on AWS is how to query DynamoDB. Dynamo is

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What is AWS Cognito? User Management by AWS

by admin February 02, 2020 aws, serverless

What is AWS Congito? Cognito by AWS is a very powerful user management system. It integrates with IAM, so you

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