AWS vs Azure For Startups

AWS vs Azure For Startups

by admin March 04, 2020

AWS is one of the most effective platforms for building out new software applications. Many founders are considering the tradeoff for AWS vs Azure for startups.

Both platforms are growing at staggering rates and poised to be two of the top performing cloud providers over time. So, who should you choose?

Ultimately, we recommend building on AWS.

Focus on Serverless

AWS platforms, especially Lamba and DynamoDB, are built for serverless. In our opinion, serverless architectures are the future of applications. This is important for startups because it allows you to create infrastructure incredibly quickly.

Also, you’re able to version control your infrastructure to clearly see changes over time. Although you can write serverless functions with Azure, and create functions using Terraform, creating serverless functions in code is much simpler with AWS CloudFormation. Not to mention, it’s baked into the platform, so you can easily create Lambda function triggers based on certain events that happen throughout your architecture.

For example, using a CloudFormation template, you can easily create a lambda function. In our voting example, we put together an entire serverless application, including the infrastructure, in code using CloudFormation.

Getting Started Frameworks

To easily bootstrap an application, it’s helpful to have powerful frameworks to handle some of the boring tasks that most applications need to perform. For tasks such as authentication, file upload, and connecting with APIs, Amplify is powerful framework. Amplify handles much of the legwork required to build common components of an application. We use it frequently to build new projects at Broadway Lab, and it saves our clients a ton of time and money.

With Microsoft, we often find that we’re using Active Directory, .NET, and other Microsoft technologies that do not allow for rapid development and come with hefty license fees.


IAM is an incredible platform platform for managing security. One of the biggest benefits of AWS is how granular you can get with access control and security. Azure certainly has many of these capabilities, but we find the granularity of security is much simpler in AWS. For instance, we can give a role to a specific Lambda function in AWS. To accomplish the same task in Azure is possible, but not quite as simple.

Now, we hope you understand the tradeoffs of AWS vs Azure for startups. If you’re looking for help with AWS, please reach out to our team for a free strategy session.

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