Alternatives to AWS Hosting

Alternatives to AWS Hosting

by admin May 12, 2020

We’re all in on using AWS to power serverless applications. It’s a powerful paradigm that enables rapid development of custom software. However, it’s not the best solution for every use case. There’s many alternatives to AWS hosting, and you should use them in instances where you’re looking to keep things simple.

Let’s look at a few times where AWS might not be the best option.

WordPress Alternative to AWS

Sure, you can host a WordPress site on AWS. It can even be quite simple with dedicated CloudFormation scripts to quickly get a site up and running. However, there’s many platforms that offer fully managed WordPress hosting. These services offer automatic updates, multiple environments, and secure access out of the box.

Two of our favorite options are Bluehost and WP Engine.

Bluehost is an excellent hosting option when you’re looking to get a site up for a low cost. Whereas, WP Engine is more expensive, but it comes with excellent customer support, more security, and easy multi-environment setup out of the box.

eCommerce Alternative to AWS

AWS is an eCommerce mogul, but that doesn’t mean they’ve become a leader in building an eCommerce platform. There’s tons of eCommerce platforms. BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento are a few of the legacy players. However, our favorite option is Shopify. If you’re building out an eCommerce site, Shopify provides the best experience and the simplest management.

Platform as a Service

If you aren’t using a serverless setup, you may be looking for an easy alternative to host your application. There’s quite a few options, but we really like Heroku for hosting Ruby on Rails and Node.js applications. It’s very simple to setup, and you can enable autoscaling to handle the necessary amount of traffic. Their developer tools are very easy to work with, and you can push an application live in a matter of minutes. Heroku has a valuable ecosystem of apps built on top of the platform, so you can add email, analytics, and monitoring tools with ease. The biggest downside to Heroku is that it can get quite expensive as you scale. It’s important to weight the pros and cons of the platform before starting, but it’s a great tool for companies in their early infancy. Once you begin to scale, a serverless setup may be more cost effective.

Landing Pages

If you’re driving a bunch of traffic to a landing page for marketing purposes, it’s best to not try and reinvent the wheel. Many landing page softwares provide analytics, A/B testing, and a drag and drop interface right out of the gate. If you need to build a simple website or landing page, we recommend checking out our own Site Builder tool.

Although AWS is such a powerful platform, it isn’t the right tool for every job. It’s important to know when to look for alternatives to AWS hosting and use tools that are tailored to solve a specific problem.


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